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Biomechanical Communication (BMC)

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)
Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)


About Toshi Toyoda

Toshi Toyoda is a Master Level Specialist in MAT. Toyoda has established an exceptional ability to help individuals with the most complicated muscular related physical ailments, and enhancing performance in professional athletes. As a Master level specialist, Toyoda has demonstrated a skill level that places him as "best of the best" when it comes to the practice of MAT.

Toyoda has over 18 years of experience as a body mechanic therapist. Toyoda combines several body therapies taking a holistic approach to the entire body. Toyoda is a licensed acupuncturist, rolfer, massage therapists, visceral worker and personal trainer.

Toyoda's quest for understanding the mechanics of the body began in the 90's. Toyoda was a boxer and kick boxer in Japan. His a background includes Muay Thai and a variety of other martial arts. He attended Hosei University, in Tokyo where he received a degree in Business Administratin in 1991. The very next year he became a certified sports trainer in Japan. He is passionate about peaking body performance, rehabilitating injuries, and making the body more efficient. In 2001 Toyoda attended the Oniki International College of Acupunucture and Moxibustion in Tokyo. Through his years of education in a variety of body modalities, he has realized the importance of cross disciplines.

Toyoda has a many patients all over the world including many professional atheletes and doctors. His patients ages range from 0 to 97 year olds, treating those that would like to live with out pain, function better, and or get stronger.


Name Toshi Toyoda
OCCUPATION Acupuncturist, Rolfer, Massage Therapist, Visceral Worker, Personal Trainer
Acupuncture Japan/Hawaii 2507 hours
Massage Hawaii/Colorado 550 hours
MAT Master Level Specialist 256 hours
RTS Master Level
  Unit 1 Advance 87 hours
  Unit 2 244 hours
  Unit 3 269 hours
  Advance 168 hours
AIS   40 hours
  Liz Gaggini Master Class 32 hours
  Visceral Workshop in Australia 16 hours
  RTS Master Class 160 hours
ASSOCIATIONS Rolfing Institute, MAT, Acupuncture, AIS  

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