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Biomechanical Communication (BMC)

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)
Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)


Welcome to Biomechanical Communication

Biomechanical Communication approaches neuromuscular system to reprogram muscle tonus and function by stimulating reflect points and nervous system. Toshi Toyoda

How can you get relief from pain?

I have been treating pain with Acupuncture, Muscle Activation Technique, Rolfing, Active Isolated Stretching, Chiropractic Technique, and Osteopathic Technique for over 25 years.

Many of my patients come to me after experiencing chronic lower back pain issues for a long time--even after they've seen doctors and some even after having operations. I use my knowledge to help my patients to use their bodies in the biomechanically correct way. It is important to remember that the chronic pain that I treat was created over a lifetime, and you will feel good after one session but it will take multiple sessions to correct underlying issues.

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Patients include: Fu Kang Wong - 2 Golds and 1 Silver at the Commonwealth Games


Patients include: former Japan National Team member and former Chiangmai FC Coach Mr. Miura, elder brother of King Kaz and K-1 Trainer Mr. Morita

Chiangmai, Thailand
Tokyo, Japan
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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